Fetchy – “Right Now” (Official Music Video)


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Watch “‪#RightNow” a motivational tribute to the Toronto Raptors, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Team Canada / Équipe Canada Olympic team and their quest for ‪#Glory.
Fetchy was in Wet Paint Studios in Toronto, ON working on his latest record “Right Now” a tribute to the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, and Team Canada Olympic team. It blends Fetchy’s love for music with his love for sports featuring a tribute to his favourite sports teams the Toronto Raptors and their quest for an NBA championship, the Toronto Blue Jays and their quest for another MLB World Series win, and the Team Canada Olympic team and their quest for Gold.

Fetchy “Right Now” Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You’ve worked and trained to damn hard,
To let it all slip back away into the dark,
No pain no gain, live life No restrains,
The true hero, is the one who remains,

Time to Persevere, be Man of the year,
Push past Peers, fight through my fears
Gladiators, coliseum the crowd cheers,
Make nations smile instead of shed tears,

Nay Sayers Fill with doubt, but beat the odds
Going all in, means big risks but big costs,
Capture glory before the eyes of God,
Listen to choirs of angels they all applaud,

[Verse 2]
Round 2, on the road to glory,
We all know History is just his story,
Survival of the fittest, survival of the smartest
Just Started, future athletes and future artists,

No foul play, keep it clean, Custodians,
World Champions, Take a bow at the podium,
Accelerate performance, game changer,
Battle in trenches against strangers,

be the best you can be there’s no failure,
out of breath so I need my inhaler,
No hope if you wait until awhile later,
Now or never so you area the Inhalator

Performed by: Fetchy
Executive Producer: Tanner Fetch
Mixing Mastering: Tanner Fetch
Video Editing: Tanner Fetch

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