Fetchy Drops Debut Album College Dreams


Fetchy releases debut album College Dreams which is a passion project that developed as he began his four year college journey in Toronto, Canada and Carlow, Ireland. Fetchy’s College Dreams album is jammed packed with 17 tracks and over an hour of music. It features over 9 different rappers, singers, and songwriters that collaborated to make this project come to life. College Dreams has various sounds and themes that progress and transition as you listen, keeping you on the edge the entire time. The records were recorded between 2014-2017 and is available commercially worldwide on all your favourite music services: iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Shazam, Google Play, Tidal and more!

To some, College is nightmare, but to others college is a dream. Buy or listen to the mystical tales of Fetchy and his college adventures on your favourite streaming platform today! Fetchy -#CollegeDreams..Featuring talented artists such as Belly of RocNation, Fresh City, Troy Junker, Mitchell Bailey of Young Superstars, DAVE MAC, Evan Croft, Taylor Hewitt of Cheap Date, Teegan Boyer, and Joni Decino. Literally Blood, Sweat, and Tears went into this body of work. It has a little something for everybody!

Fetchy – College Dreams [Tracklist]

01 – Graduate (feat. Mitchell Bailey) – 2:48
02 – Looking 4 a Girl (feat. Taylor Hewitt) – 2:38
03 – Bottle Service (feat. Dave Mac) – 3:17
04 – Stay Young – 3:50
05 – Tom Brady (Go Crazy) – 3:47
06 – Netflix and Chillen – 3:30
07 – Drop it (feat. Belly, Marka & Fresh City) – 5:24
08 – LUV U (feat. Evan Croft) – 4:08
09 – Work – 2:17
10 – Tinder Match – 3:52
11 – Drive – 3:39
12 – Right Now – 2:48
13 – Time (feat. Joni Decino) – 3:27
14 – Burn Slow – 3:57
15 – Keep Climbing (feat. Dave Mac) – 3:20
16 – Summer (feat. Teegan Boyer) – 3:45
17 – Stoner Sweats – 2:55

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