About Fetchy

Fetchy is a young and talented performer chasing a dream. The rapper, producer, songwriter and actor from Saskatchewan is at home in the spotlight. As a rapper, his clever wordplay, sharp flow, catchy melodies and refreshing style are on par with rappers twice his age. Beginning, in a hip-hop trio known around Canada as Fresh City, Fetchy has since expanded his own line of work to not only include song writing and rap but also studio production, beat production and acting. Fetchy thrives on sounding different than everybody else; when he gets in the studio he can build the project creatively and sonically from the ground up.

A natural performer, Fetchy has been focused on stardom since childhood. When he was younger, he would stay up all night writing song lyrics in notebooks. He has always enjoyed entertaining others, and would find every opportunity to do so, whether it is through music production, live performances, or simply being the stand-up funny-guy he can be.

Tanner moved to Toronto and then Ireland in pursuit of his dream bringing with him nothing but his charisma, his charm, and a suitcase in hopes of success. He pursued his dream to entertain by posting videos of himself doing both originals and remixes of him rapping on Youtube which gained both recognition and support, ultimately building a buzz for himself. His originality, stage presence and sound layered over new school hip hop set him apart from others in his rap “draft class”.  Fetchy’s sound is just that, a Fresh sound, meaning he has the ability to break genre barriers of both pop, hip hop and beyond bringing a fresh aspect to it all. He has his own exclusive sound but has been compared to fan-favourites such as Sammy Adams, MGK, Mac Miller and Asher Roth. “I like to bring energy to the stage no matter where I am. I’m energetic, dancing, and jumping around. I might even crowd surf. You never know what’s going to happen,” claims Fetchy.

Fetchy is a true entertainer; as a performer he has shared the stage with legendary Rap Artists Madchild and Swollen Members as well as today’s rising stars LMFAO, ReBellyus (Belly), DWW, and Marianas Trench to name a few. He is constantly experimenting, and pushing himself to continue developing his skills as a talented artist and producer. This combined with his tireless work ethic and supportive family, friends and fans create the perfect recipe for limitless possibilities in his future career. Once Upon a Dream is more than just the title of one of his projects – It is a lifestyle that he lives every day. Prepared to overcome any obstacles that stand in his way, Fetchy is on a dream chase where success is the only possible outcome. Tanner uses his wide array of experiences and passions to fuel the words, melodies, harmonies and beats of all the music he creates.

After a recent show in Manitoba, Jerome Conaty gave Tanner the ultimate compliment to inspire him to keep on going – “you personally have amazing stage presence, and personality – keep doing what you do!”

For more information on Fetchy, his music, videos, downloads, merchandise, updates and much more, visit:

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